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Ricardo Xavier Rivera, a native of California, acquired his undergraduate degree with a double major in English and Spanish linguistics and literature from the University of California Berkeley. After entering the workforce, he has amassed a wide breadth of experience in a number of fields, including working in warehouse logistics, the service industry as well as a global investment bank, securities trading and brokerage firm. Thereafter, he returned to his passion for language and began an educational career teaching language at a local high school.

In 2002, he left the U.S. to work in Japan,

where he continued his fascination with language education working and teaching in Fukuyama, Hiroshima. As a resident in Japan, he completed a course program in Japanese and passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1. To further stimulate his varied interests, he joined a local Japanese engineering firm with ties to the semiconductor and solar panel industries. There, he worked on projects that covered different fields of engineering, including mechanical, electrical and RF energy. In 2008, recognizing a local need for language experts, he broke away and started a translation and interpretation service to cater to local Japanese businesses with ties overseas and companies who needed language support in their business model.

After approximately 12 years, this translation and interpretation business has extended into a number of different industries and areas: production, manufacturing, factory automation, bank and financial services, website localization, tourism and travel, legal matters, medical and pharmaceutical industries, IT, retail and e-Commerce, media and entertainment, advertising, marketing, PR and the public sector, to name a few.


Japanese native residing in Tokyo with experience in technical, mechanical and manufacturing-related fields, and is also heavily involved in movie and documentary subtitling.

Japanese native residing in Fukuoka who focuses on marketing related material with native-like understanding and fluency in English.

Berkeley graduate and bilingual residing in California who translates in a wide breadth of fields, offering flexibility in both languages.

English native residing in the U.S. who has approximately 20 years of translating experience and has specific expertise in automotive manufacturing and production.

Japanese native residing in Hiroshima prefecture who is a certified lawyer (NY) and court interpreter.

Japanese native residing in Hiroshima prefecture who was educated in both Japan and the U.S. and has experience in production and factory related interpretation.


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